TOPS’ Indie Rock conquers Los Angeles

The band from Montreal hit The Roxy on Tuesday in an evening where they shared stage with Michael Stasis and Puro Instinct

At historical venue The Roxy, right at Sunset Strip, where Sunset Boulevard meets Hammond Street, an amazing crowd gathered to live a concert difficult to forget. TOPS Quartet, a band from Montreal who self-produce their indie-rock content and whose members have been touring around the United States for the last few weeks, provided music and emotions in equal parts.

Shortly after 8pm, the main room at The Roxy started to get filled with people of all ages thumb_DSC_0587_1024and great fashion styles. Hats and long denim shirts were characteristic of the public on the dance floor. On the stage, Michael Stasis kicked off the evening, followed by Californian band Puro Instinct. Both gigs were a success and people didn’t stop coming into the room during the entire show.

The cherry on the cake was provided by TOPS. Jane Penny’s soft but powerful voice hone all across the room, while the crowd cheered every song up. Her voice, laden with nuances, gives the band an absolutely personal style that conquered the audience present in West Hollywood.

thumb_DSC_0545_1024Los Angeles’ crowd is what the vocalist likes the most about the city, as she told Splash Magazines just before the show: “LA breathes culture. People of all ages are interested in it”, said Penny, excited for what was to come on Tuesday evening.

And no one ended up disappointed. The bands were amazing and so was a completely diverse crowd that couldn’t stop applauding the band at all times.

Review published on Splash Magazine  on November 11th, 2015. Original article:

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