TOPS Quartet to Perform at The Roxy

The next gig of the Canadian band will be happening on the evening of this Tuesday, November 10th, at ageless The Roxy, in West Hollywood

“A very beautiful classic venue.” This is how TOPS, the Canadian quartet, described The Roxy, the venue in West Hollywood where their next concert is going to take place on Tuesday.

The voice of the band, Jane Penny, has shown in a conversation with Splash Magazines her excitement to be in Los Angeles: “The West Coast always feels like a vacation,” she said. According to this musician, the city of angels breathes culture and this is why she is so enthusiastic about her upcoming gig: “In Los Angeles, younger kids, and actually everybody, have more access to culture. Somehow, I think it’s in the air. There’s something in LA that makes everyone interested in it.”

What makes TOPS quartet and its music so special is that the members of the band self-produce their own content. They record the instruments individually and then Jane does the vocals at home or at a friend’s studio. “When you do it yourself, you can create the environment you need,” emphasized the artist, whose career has always been focused in playing in bands. And she adds, “the more control I have on it, the more I feel like it reflexes what we are doing.”

Art is something crucial for Jane and when we ask her for her background in art history and the influence it has on her music, she explains that “being an artist applies to your entire personality and everything you do.” And, running away from a commercial view of music, she does not hesitate to add “For me, doing music that’s not part of a larger aesthetic thing wouldn’t make any sense.”

When reading about Jane Penny and her previous interviews, the role of women in the industry is something that keeps showing up. Jane’s point of view about the issue is anything but conventional: “It is easy to find people who want to use you and your body in a commercial way. I do not personally have a problem with the sexualization of women.” Her explanation as per why this is will get you wondering: “I think it is very powerful; the power of our body and the anxiety it creates.”

Do not miss the date, this Tuesday the 10th of November, at 8pm, at The Roxy West Hollywood.

Article published on Splash Magazines on November 9, 2015. Original article:

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